Brandon Lobo (author) on January 23, 2012: Hi again Hazel ;) I'm sure those tomatoes would be amazing and delicious. More importantly, the more the roots spread, the more nutrients they can absorb. Stakes are not necessary as long as you are making sure the soil has the necessary nutrients. I’ve noticed the leaves starting to turn yellow. Hi Liana, I'm sorry to hear that, but there are plenty of reasons for the tomato leaves to change color, maybe the guide I wrote on the topic will help you out: We grew our tomatoes from seeds then planted them in the garden bed with pine needles on top of the soil acting as a mulch. Promote high humidity. Would rabbit droppings make a reasonable mulch/fertilizer? When I looked to see if it was still edible I noticed sprouts coming through the skin of the tomato! Watering once a day works best for most regions. Use this guide and build up some experience and you'd be good to go. I have 3 tomato plants 1 is a cherry tomato and the other two are i believe a. Beefsteak and another hot weather tomato hybrid. Any idea why my tomato plants would turn brown overnight? I have another article on fertilizing tomatoes which you may find very helpful: but in short yes, they would be helpful, but not as mulch. Water your vegetables two to three times a week during really hot weather. I have a question about my tomatoes planted in containers. That doesn't mean your plants can't be watered too much. During the longest hottest days of summer, that may be every day. Please forgive the lengthy reply. Try not to water directly on the stem of the tomato plant but around it, this encourages roots to spread. The amount I water is based on my own experiences and the conditions my plants grow in. It is not something I would try. Tomato plants and all plants in general would surely love some pure water rather than the treated water we usually receive through our taps. Gillian Namele from Complicated on May 20, 2012: I agree completely. Not sure how that effects tomato plants directly but fish love super-oxygenated water and beneficial garden critters like earthworms and ladybugs probably love it too. If by chance you do want to water on the leaves, make it a point that you water the plants early in the morning before the sun is up. Don't worry, you're not alone in this quest. Always water your tomato plants at the base, not from the top. (Refer: Pro Tip 4). There is no hard and fast rule to this. Do we just divide the above by 7 days? I just bought some at a local store and they are in small square placstic pots . Thank you for sharing! When it comes to containers, this is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to do things. Good luck growing some yourself if you try. But during the flowering phase, it is recommended that you add phosphate and reduce the amount of nitrogen you feed your plants. Plenty of people all across the globe take to tomato cultivation, not only because tomatoes are relatively easy to grow and sustain; but the fact that they are used in plenty of different cuisines, in a variety of ways - more ways than you can imagine. My last home had very sandy soil, and we had to water twice a day. One of the first factors to keep in mind when it comes to deciding how often to water your weed plants has to do with the size of the plant and what stage of growth it is in. I personally choose to water from the top, the way you are doing it only when the plant is freshly transplanted. … Regular watering helps prevent tomatoes from developing cracks. Rainwater is the best source of water for your tomato plants. In hot weather, it is more important that you water regularly. But only do this the next morning. God bless! They will be in a planter on my porch . Too much water will suffocate plants’ roots. Let's try and help you out here: Are the leaves of the tomato plant drooping before you water them? The roots need air too, so don't drown your plants. it's impossible for me to give you a definite answer. Thanks, Chrispeterson for your feedback. Just make sure that the plant goes in along with the soil from the current hanging basket. Water at the roots – When watering tomatoes, it is normally recommended that you water straight to the roots rather than from above, as this can cause disease and pests to attack the plants. of water a week for a plant in the ground (more often for container plants). Plants drooping in the sunlight isn't always because of a lack of water, it is also a reflex mechanism developed so that the plants minimize surface area in contact with the direct sunlight, which in turn reduces transpiration (loss of water from the leaves, etc.) I personally do use tea leaves, but this is what I currently do: Collect, dry in the sun for a bit, grind it up a bit more and then sprinkle around the base of the plant. Our tomatoes is in the greenhouse but every morning the leaf of our tomatoe plants creates little water drops can we wipe it? (Refer: Pro Tip 4). Brandon Lobo (author) on October 21, 2018: Glad to hear that Michael, thanks for coming back to comment :), yes !!!!! Question: How often should I water a tomato plant when there are tomatoes already on the vine? It lasts for really long and is my best choice. If the leaves are getting back to their usual state in the evening, it's just a defense mechanism that the leaves are drooping. When you use a drip irrigation system you ensure that the soil is moist all the time, but not flooded - this gives the roots room to breathe. Our garden has weed cloth, drip irrigation, mulch and 8' trellis system. Adding the right fertilizers at the right stage of growth is probably the second most important, else you would have foliage and not many fruits. To put your mind at ease right out the gate, let’s answer this important question. First and foremost, I hope your pots or containers have drainage holes. (Refer: Pro Tip 1). Once the weather cools and fruit has set, … Overnight? Remember that water supplied by Mother Nature counts towards watering tomato plants in the garden. Hi, I recently acquired a cherry tomato plant. Most of us have neighbors who would be willing to help, but not all of us are that lucky. And my plants don't seem to be growing that fast. I have one plant that is beautiful and 8' tall but it has never produced any fruit.
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