The tubular steel rivets attach the leather skin to the steel base. Brooks saddles that are suitable for road bikes in order of width are B17... 175mm B17 Imperial...175mm Team Pro... 160mm Swallow... 153mm Swift... 150mm I am 6'2" and weigh 13 stone. That’s why leather saddle buyers inquire about the break-in period before they buy. Cutout Seat Yes Ideal for the cyclist who rides in an upright position. Saddle Type Performance The material is made from a dual-density molded rubber that is inserted on the base for shock absorption. Weight 300 grams The middle cut initiates the air flow in the peripheral area and acts as a coolant. 7. Cushioning Material None RX provides the perfect combination of support and comfort. Some say it takes at least 1000 km to break in, while others say it takes months. Weight 259 grams Pepful of fiberglass backplate that can carry a saddle bag or other necessary things. The Brook imperial has a shorter time or miles to break in compared to Brooks B-17 line. I earn a small commission if you buy any products using my affiliate links to Amazon. Leather saddle and grips. You can ride this saddle for many seasons. Dimensions: 275 x 140mm You’ll never get rid of this saddle as it is the original handmade leather saddle. I understand that this particular saddle uses some of the thickest leather utilized by Brooks, and it shows -- the boxed product is incredibly stiff; there is no flex to the leather at all. Dimensions 10.6 x 6.8 inches Saddle Type: Cambium saddle with no break-in period. Cushioning Material None This is a lovely Brooks swift saddle (Used … So, it all boils down to preference. But on some bikes, it belongs. Vulcanized natural rubber and Organic cotton canvas add excellent resilience. The Best Mountain Bike Saddle; 1 WTB Rocket Saddle 2 Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle 3 WTB Speed Saddle 4 Brooks England Swallow Bicycle Saddle 5 WTB Volt Race Saddle 6 Ergon Sport Gel Saddle 7 RaceFace Affect Bike Saddle 8 Tioga Spyder Outland Hollow Saddle … December 19, 2020 Compare: Poc mtb goggles / poc t shirt Evaluation . The three Brooks B17 Saddles I own and ride on are all equally comfortable and look great on my bikes. The Terry Liberator Gel Saddle remained to be one of the best in the market. The Cambium All Weather C19 saddle is a modern and sporty looking saddle made from waterproof nylon, works just absolutely flawless in all conditions, to be more specific in all-weather conditions. Or you can go to your favorite outdoor shop and see the materials itself, You can also watch videos reviews on Youtube, Check out backpacking, cycling and touring magazine. Rail Material Steel Rail Very Comfortable and the numbness from the ride kept to a minimal. This is a value for money saddle will make your ride comfortable. This saddle also comes with a center cutout that is the “C19 Carved” version. BEST FOR: ROUGH RIDING … Saddle Type: Sprung Saddle with no break-in period. Saddle Cover Material Leather Heavier than the other models in its range. The Brooks Flyer Saddle is the softest saddle by Brooks. Cushioning Material None Saddle Type Performance Saddle Type Cushioning Do you sit in an aggressive position?or you do the upright position. Rail Material Steel Reasons why you want a classically designed saddle: Features double rear coil springs and double loop front springs make it ideal for heavy riders. See what you don’t like and dislike in that saddle. Performance saddle does not need to break in. Try to determine what is the best saddle you have ridden. $139.99 - $159.99 Sale up to 30% Off. The wrong saddle can cause friction and discomfort, ruining your riding experience. There's a certain mystique about Brooks saddles. With that in mind, here are the features to look for when choosing a bike saddle for commuting; Saddles come in two shapes; wide and narrow. The truth is that the time it takes to break in a leather saddle varies considerably. Rails are the prime example from really cheap to high. check what riding position do you ride. December 31, 2020 Test & Price: Bicycle gps tracker or bicycle gps computer Technical sheet. The rail offers excellent strength to weight ratio. Cutout Seat Yes Once the leather has passed break-in period, It will conform to your pelvic anatomy which offers a lot of comfort. Narrow saddles, on the flip side, create too much pressure on your butt. Saddle Type Performance B67 Saddle is made of finely aged leather using old traditional techniques. However, if you are 20 stones (280 pounds/127 kilograms) we do have two heavy duty saddles: B33 and B135. Top15 Cycling cadence heart rate for cycling cadence to lose weight Coupon code. Check out the video below of bike saddle fitting guide. I won't take chances on comfort. That’s why they’re ideal for commuters who ride in an upright position, with most of their body weight on the saddle. This is for a comfortable century ride, If you’re not after for speed but more on pleasure riding then this is for you. Middle widths are often used for touring or commuting when the spinal angle of the rider is in a 45 to 60 degrees position. The saddle top is made of the finest vegetable-tanned leather, making it extremely comfortable while riding. Made from vulcanized natural rubber and Organic cotton canvas adds more resilience provided by the structural textile on bumpy roads. It’s no wonder that it’s the most preferred saddle for commuting. The B17 is a great choice. Cutout Seat None The Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle is one of the most widely rider-recommended women's saddles and it's easy to see why. At a glance, bike saddles can look similar, but you’ll notice the difference when riding on them. Weight 454 grams The saddle top features three holes to provide you with natural ventilation where it’s most needed. ... Brooks saddles that are suitable for road bikes in order of width are B17... 175mm B17 Imperial...175mm Team Pro... 160mm Swallow... 153mm Swift... 150mm I am 6'2" and weigh 13 stone. Choosing the right saddle can be a tough decision. It weighs 574 grams. Made with the finest vegetable tanned leather, it helps shorten the long break-in period. Best saddle for touring, ultra marathon and century rides. It features three holes at the top to provide natural ventilation where it matters the most. It comes with a two-year warranty, and a 10-year warranty is awarded who registers the product with the company website. 5 5 out of 5 stars from 17 reviews 5 17 (17) Compare; Fi'zi:k Aliante R1 Versus EVO Saddle. Pashley Tube Rider. It’s ideal for anyone covering serious distances on a bike with an upright position. Recommended for long rides and century rides. January 4, 2021 Boost training on cycling and improve resistance with indoor cycling | Summer Sale . An excellent women's saddle. Not waterproof, have to use the waterproof saddle cover. It has been owned by … First, Let’s have a look at the key section of a saddle and so it might work for your riding style. There are 2 versions of this saddle and one of the features original chromium-plated steel metalwork and one featuring much lighter titanium metalwork. It’s slim, wider shape, and short nose makes it ideal for commuting. Gender  Male. Info. Weight 14.64 ounces It’s quite expensive (Retails for $179 on Amazon). The material is made of sythetic mitcrotex cover and it is water resistant and also lighter than leather. Others suggest it takes 500 miles for this saddle to break in. Brooks England Gender Unisex. Saddle Cover Material Artificial Leather Gender Men’s. Brooks England; Deity Components; Ergon; Fabric; Fi'zi:k; ISM; SDG Components; Selle Italia; Selle SMP; Selle San Marco; Specialized; Syncros; WTB; New Arrivals New Arrivals. I actually now own two Brooks saddles, and have one honey coloured, and one plain black. Designed to optimize comfort and also relieve pelvic pressure. Most saddles for commuting come with a center slit to protect the perineum, which is located between your sit bones. However, it lacks two rear springs, which are common with the B66 and B67 models. Brooks has been selling the B17 leather saddle continuously since the 1890s. Visit individual company page read the product description for more in-depth knowledge. The steel rail is built for resistance to stress and minimize vibrations. Takes around 200 – 300 miles of riding on it for perfect “Breaking-in”. It comes in different colors and variations. Brooks' take a while to break in. Natural ventilation adds more comfort for female riders. Shock-absorbent elastomer insert between the railing and shell damps to minimize road vibrations and shock support. Heck, it’s at least twice as heavy and 10 times as clunky as the seat you’re now using. The Brooks Cambium C17 is maintenance free compared to other Brooks leather line. This break-in process is estimated at 250 miles to 300 miles then it provides a natural stretching and flexing feature of natural leather especially if you’re overweight. The B17 short comes with accessories, such as a 13mm spanner to adjust the tension of the leather, maintenance, and warranty information manual, waterproof saddle cover to prevent contact with water. Brooks b17 a top choice for performance long distance cyclist and considered to be the most comfortable bike seat in the world. And for comfort on long rides, you may never sit on anything better. A bike saddle for heavy rider doing long distances needs to be cushy, sufficiently large to support a big behind, and breathable. Saddle Type Performance Cutout Seat Yes The B17 Short saddle is made of the finest vegetable-tanned leather. overall, all of the saddles were designed for specific purposes and was designed for big guys and average guys. Great British bottoms are at risk after being slapped with Brexit bureaucracy on bike saddles, it has emerged. It also features an abrupt taper between the nose sections and the rear, which helps prevent inner thigh-rubbing and chaffing. As a rule of thumb, riders who tend to stay in a more upright position - or are less flexible - tend to prefer flat (front to back) saddles. Saddle Type Performance / Comfort Banking on its chrome frame and steel rails, the bike seat can hold huge weights and withstands the test of time. A saddle is one of the essential contact points between your body and your bike. Feel and see what options best for you. Very comfortable silicone gel for thickness and comfort. Comfortable saddle even out of the box. Brooks England was founded in 1866 and has been producing bicycle saddles from its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands, since 1882. I was considering either a Brooks C17 or a Selle Anatomica saddle for my Ogre bikepacking build but need to get opinions on how they work with a heavier rider? Selle Italia is also waterproof and the saddle rail is designed to minimize road vibration. I tried a Swift and didn't get on with it. It seems to fit a lot of different people, too. It offers extreme comfort and control for finely aged leather when it breaks in after a couple of rides (between 150 to 800 kilometers). Other countries need to stop hatin' or we'll unfriend them. They are not appropriate for racing type cycling because they tend to start bouncing when you are pedaling fast. You might also like. Make sure you the length of your feet are in proper measurement to the saddle. We have chosen the following Brooks Saddles based on your physical structure, your riding position, your commuting type, and the saddle type. If you’re on a heavy side and you’re cycling for long distances? The saddle was a popular choice among the professional cyclists competing in the various tours and stage races. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 10-year warranty extension for those who register the product on the company website. A long-lasting saddle for its handmade leather. SPRINGS OR NO SPRINGS. However, wide saddles can bring added pressure and pain for inner-city commuters. Gender Men’s. The steel rails minimize road vibrations and one important feature is that it distributes the pressure from your groin area across the surface of the saddle to eliminate pain and discomfort. But some riders are okay with saddles without a slit. Best road saddle for heavy rider : best bike touring… Prevent numb trainer saddle / best road saddle… Better training on saddle : best road bike saddle… Suppressing pain saddle / best road bike saddle bag… Top5 road bicycle saddle for preventing discomfort… Best bike racing saddle / best road bike saddle … Not waterproof, the seat will literally deform when exposed to rain. When you purchase Brooks B17 Saddle and all Brooks saddle comes with tools like Allen key and other essentials. Goop it up good with Proofide (bottom too) and set it in the sun for several days in a row and it is ready to start breaking in your butt. So it's light weight, comfortable with great ventilation. It features double steel rails that make it strong and durable and fits in modern micro seat posts. Amazing quality from Brooks, in very good condition to heavily used. They offer incredible comfort right out of the box and give you a great riding experience. It also features a double loop front spring, as well as a double rear coil spring for extra suspension and for absorbing large shocks when riding on pothole-ridden roads. Best Use Cycling / touring The downsides to leather saddles are they are not waterproof and require special maintenance and care. It doesn’t need padding and it stays cool which ideal for warm weather. Selle SMP is rainproof and it can last longer. Rail Material Steel Rails It’s heavy-duty, which is why it’s ideal for heavy commuters. The saddles cover is made of full-grain leather that will mold to your shape, as well as your riding style in just a month of use, according to your complete comfort and durability. Saddle Type Nylon 12 reinforced with carbon fiber Brooks B17: For touring and road cycling for Clydesdales. Go to your bike shop and ask for some professional bike fitter. Brooks England C19 All Weather (for Men) Sale. Also, your Brooks leather saddles will break in quickly if you rub in the Brooks Proofide and polish it after every ride. The stoker gives surprising bumps in the road depending on the weather. ApexBikes is a place for bikes, bike accessories and news. Proofide is made of natural ingredients that condition, rainproof, and preserve leather saddles. Weight: 1630 gm, Height: 117 mm, Length: 289 mm, Width: 205 mm. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer (Compared & Reviewed), Brooks B17 vs. C17 Cambium (Comparison & Review Dec, 2020), 4 Best Brooks Saddles for Road Bikes (Reviewed Dec, 2020), Brooks B67 & B67 S Aged Saddle Reviewed (Dec, 2020), Brooks B17 Imperial vs. Selle Anatomica (Reviewed Dec, 2020). Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and also we get a commission on purchases made through our links., Comparison Table – Best Road Saddle for Big Guys, Most comfortable bike seat reviews for overweight Guys, Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men –. That’s nonsense. Once your sit bone adopted the comfort of the saddle then off to your long distance biking. It’ shorter, broader construction and soft vegetable tanned leather make it incredibly comfortable, which is why it’s ideal for commuting. The Selle Italia Diva saddle is one of the most widely rider-recommended women's saddles and it's easy to see why. A reliable choice for long-distance riders. But those who have tried this beauty loves not only the cool look but also the warmth it gives in the cold and cool it provides in the heat. Brooks has been manufacturing this for over 100 years. Cutout Seat Yes December 19, 2020 About APL Cycling Ironman Race. The front is comparatively narrow, not a wide saddle. The Brooks seemed out of place on it so I've demo'd a lot of saddles since then (my son works at bike shop) and can't find anything even close to the comfort of my Brooks. Leather can be slick, rock hard if not properly broken in. Our leather saddles come in different shapes and styles depending on what kind of bike or riding position. Rail Material Alloy This wide contoured saddle design to support and also give relief to your sit bone. The bolts barely adjust the saddle tension. It's a good saddle for those who can't deal with the Brooks look. Best Use Touring December 19, 2020 Top20 Best bike gps speedometer / best bicycle gps app for iphone Forums Ratings. The coil springs offer the extra saddle suspension and absorb large shocks when riding on uneven roads, giving the rider a smooth riding experience. You can go to Amazon website or REI you can find reviews of your desired saddle. A heavy rider, too much oil or grease (use proofhide only) or the cutout like on this saddle can bring a good quality saddle out of shape. After using a Brooks saddle for touring over thousands of miles myself, here’s why I think it’s the best bike saddle for long rides. Lower back pain. Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men's. And is medically tested and proven to reduce 75 percent vibrations and numbness in the bum area. For example, you can ride for 1500 miles during winter, but the leather saddle won’t a break-in. The saddle is a vital component of your bicycle. Best Use Cycling / touring Cutout Seat Yes The two coil springs on the rear also help to absorb large shocks and minimize vibrations when riding on rough roads. Arguably the most radical-looking saddle here, ISM has refined its split nose design over many years and come up with a… Saddle Type Performance Sunlite Cloud-9. On the other hand, breaking in a leather saddle to fit your soft tissues will take a bit longer because they are soft. Saddle Cover Leather The springs are bit heavy, but they do add some comfort over bumps and will conform to your pelvic anatomy. The craftsmanship and presentation are both excellent. Saddle Type Performance It contains sensitive nerves that can be painful when sitting on a saddle without a center slit, even for short-distance commutes. A 10-year extended warranty is given to those who register it on the Brooks Company website. When it comes to handmade bike seats, very few are as impressive as the Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle. Made from the finest vegetable tanned leather, which means it’s soft enough to give riders a comfortable riding experience. Surprisingly there are many people persist with an uncomfortable saddle. Proper saddle height can also benefit comfort on your riding style and comfort. Cloud-9: For cruising or recreational riding. Minimize road vibrations. This bike saddle is the most iconic saddle ever made. Last update on 2021-01-09 at 10:30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Rail Material Vanox Compare to other lines of leather Brooks saddle the cambium is waterproof and can withstand in heavy rain and snow. Saddle Cover SVT (SMP Vacuum Tech) A light material compared to titanium. Versatile saddle suitable for long rides. Nylon made rubber can be pretty It can be a disaster for some riders. Handmade in England- manufactured with the 100-year-old traditional technology following the same Patent principle since 1937. Saddle Cover Material Synthetic Fabric Scoop Saddle. Kept in doors. The two coil springs on the rear offer extra suspension, absorb large shocks, and minimizes vibrations, giving the rider a smooth riding experience even on uneven surfaces. Brooks saddles are available in many different widths and styles. The honey coloured leather bike touring saddle is probably my favourite. OllyRidesFirst Posts: 485. The Brooks England Saddles are known to be the maker of world’s comfortable saddle. Gender  Unisex. Length: 285mm; Weight: 285g - 290g; … Has been selling in the market for over 100 years. For example, a wider saddle with springs is ideal for an upright, 90-degree posture. Ergon SMC4. Specs. This is a reliable saddle and also it will remain comfortable for thousand miles of travel. Cushioning Material Gel Ideal for long distance cyclist. I would only recommend this style of saddle for short tours (a few days). Make sure you the length of your feet are in proper measurement to the saddle. Plus the box  are made very well it has a good packaging. The truth is, you can’t ride for a long time if you’re not comfortable. Saddle Cover Material Synthetic Rails are generally made of Steel, Titanium or Copper, making it strong and durable. The Selle Hybrid gel decreases 30% of anatomical pressure to the saddle and also offers the more comfortable ride. The Fizik Aliante is the only other saddle that's even close to my Brooks in comfort. Saddle Type Cushioning is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. Cutout Seat Yes The Brooks b17 is a little heavy compared to other saddle but it doesn’t matter because you’ll ride more comfortable and cover more distance. Perfectly inserted the silicone gel for thickness and comfort. That's part of why I bought one, and yeah, it did work well for my heavy keister. Combine that with the broad embossed leather top that provides more room for your bum cheeks to rest, and you understand why It’s a great saddle for commuting. here is the list of Best Road Saddle for Big Guys? Best Use Road Cycling / Touring They’ll outlive your riding experience. This is a superior quality design offering superb comfort for all styles of bike and ride. It’s made of the finest vegetable-tanned leather, giving it an incredibly soft feel while reading. The best value for money saddle and most purchased saddle in Amazon. The Brooks Imperial saddle is a top choice for the cyclist who tours the world. Made of Perforated Dura-Tek synthetic cover with thin gel layer form for cushion and also the right amount of padding for comfort in long rides. But it will likely appeal to anyone who appreciates the wide perch and movement of their classic sprung B67, without the maintenance requirements of natural leather. January 4, 2021 Hybrid as new almost bike with new Brooks copper micro lights and Pashley brass bell and rear metal basket.. detaches as shopping basket. All Selle Italia saddle is made in Italy. Steel Rails Standard Rails 242 mm Length 176 mm Width For Women Honey g. Lowest Price Brooks B2000454 Ships Free. APL Cycling … The tubular steel rivets hold the leather skin to the steel base. Weight   540 grams The middle cutout helps prevent numbness in the mid area. The  Brooks B-17 is a traditional English type leather saddle. January 4, 2021 Top5 Livall helmet : poc pride Our expert selection. When it comes to choosing the best saddles for regular/heavy commuting, it doesn’t get better than Brooks leather saddles. You might also like. One notable thing is that it doesn’t feature rear springs like the B66 and B67 models. December 31, 2020 Triathlon transition video | Review & Prices. The saddle is well-known for PAS (Perineal Area System) which eliminates pressure peaks and numbness in the pelvic area. The most customer of brooks cambium is the touring enthusiast and bike packers. Saddle Type Performance ← best-bicycle-saddle-for-heavy-rider-5dd1f50d13203. Worry no more. After 3 to 5 hundred miles if it isn’t working, move on. But then I had repeatedly read about road bike saddles for heavy riders. The Selle SMP is suitable for adventure cycling and touring. However, there is a lot of misconception out there about the period it takes for a leather saddle to break in. Also if you have a carbon or titanium rails and they are more comfortable. They are just one of those brands that seem to show up on the bikes of the coolest people. Wide bike saddles provide enough surface area to support your body weight. Rail Material Steel I also have a "wide" (ie much narrower) Specialized Avatar and don't like it. The shell is made of 10% carbon composite. you can check REI for review. 2. And though it takes about 500 miles or more to break-in/conform to the riders shape, there is a modicum of suspension that lends greatly to comfort by virtue of the stretched and treated leather. There are many saddles available in the market and most of them are highly recommended by people who used it. Perfect for a heavy rider. Weight 470 grams It provides the opportunity to choose from Nack or Tirox as rails options. If you click this link and make a purchase, … There are a wide array of saddles available in the market and people do not know what to choose. Creaky springs can be the loudest part of the bike sometimes. The Brooks B-135 Saddle also features tubular steel rivets to hold the leather skin to the steel base. Saddle Cover Material Leather Ultra-durable microfiber cover padded with light foam. Best Use Road Cycling The three holes on the saddle provide the necessary ventilation for the rider. This is not designed for competitive cycling or race type biking. Best Use Bike Commuting This advert is located in and around London, Middlesex. what is most comfortable bike seat for overweight? Plus, they are so durable. The features a long laster abrasion resistant in the leather cover. Not so cushy, so it might hurt sit bones. Combine that with the two classical rear springs, and you get an incredibly comfortable saddle that is ideal for commuting. Most of our saddles do not have a maximum weight limit due to each rider having a different style of riding as well as environmental considerations. If you had enough with a narrow saddle that gives you a saddle sores. Once you get it out in the box and try it for the first time you will feel how good and comfortable saddle they are. Maintaining the original design all the way from 1938. So, in general, the lighter the rails the more expensive they are. Ideal for women who like to ride with their bike’s handlebars a little bit higher than the saddle. An excellent women's saddle. I’m 315 lbs. Weight: 460 gm, Height: 58 mm, Length: 242 mm, Width: 176 mm. This is made of waterproof material and need not put a set cover during rain. This is very heavy for a bicycle saddle. Most riders say that they broke in the lather saddle after just 300 miles of riding. $116.00 SHOP NOW. Weight 510 grams Riders who don’t know about the Brooks England Standard Saddle B17 may rivet from its all-leather appearance. You may also like to check the article that topic for the best saddle for numbness. I can ride all day long, with no saddle issues - don't even think about the saddle. Hold on, a leather bicycle saddle? Comfortable from day 1. Most of our saddles do not have a maximum weight limit due to each rider having a different style of riding as well as environmental considerations. A short and thick saddle to comfortably fit the body of a female rider. No. If you’re on a heavy side, you will experience no soreness and a nice bun rest. The three large holes at the top of the saddle provide natural ventilation to the rider and keep them cool throughout the ride. At just 197g, the Selle Italia SLR Lady Superflow Saddle is a seriously lightweight option aimed at female riders looking for high performance, which it delivers alongside decent levels of comfort despite its overtly firm character. The seat offers classically sprung for supreme comfort. What is the catch? This saddle rank as one of the most comfortable bike saddle in the market. The B67 Softened Short Saddle comes with the following dimension: weight (810g, height (85mm), width (205mm), and length (240 mm). Length: 282mm. Dimensions 10.7 x 6.5 inches The B17 works best for me. It … Cushioning Material Foam, Gel Currently Sold Out. In fact, you can buy ultralight carbon fiber saddles that weigh less than a quarter of the B17. While most riders agree that leather saddles need time to break in, they know that the quicker the leather breaks in, the quicker it will conform to their body shape and riding styles, which enhance their riding experience. Best Use Recreational Cycling Designed to optimize comfort and also relieve pelvic pressure. Best Use Road Cycling Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow. The railing is made of manganese rails. The PL, formerly Prologue, is designed for the performance rider so has some additional length to it. Cushioning Material Thick foam padding Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Cushioning Material  Soft Polyurethane + Gel Rail Material Steel Brooks is suited for long rides and offers a lot of comforts. You can even change the rails if you have money to spare. Dimensions 10.4 x 5.6 inches Wider saddles can also good for long rides offers maximum comfort. Adapts various bicycles like Tandem bikes. The spring may take a long time to break in. It should also stay comfortable for the longest time possible. Dimensions: 275 (length) X 140 (width) mm Occasional numbness. Once the saddle has already break in it conforms to your bum and also offer maximum comfort. But before we delve in, let’s get to know why you need the right saddle for your bike. The B190 is the new heavy-duty saddle from Brooks yet it does not neglect the classical look. The all-new Brooks Cambium C67 saddle is said to be targeted at e-bike riders. The Selle Italia users experience no numbness on long rides. The rail is made of steel to minimize road vibrations. Have to keep it in cover as it is not waterproof. The majority of the rider weight is placed in the rear area of the saddle, Further reducing pressure against the rider perineal area. Gender Male. Weight 280 grams Designed for big overweight guys. Dimensions 10.7 x 6.5 inches WTB Speed Saddle. It requires much care. Gender Men’s. Cushioning Material None The Selle Italia users experience no numbness on long rides. Its featured chrome-plated steel rail design for extra strength and compatibility with modern seat posts. Saddle Type Cushioning Once wet the saddle will dry fast so it is better to use this with saddle cover. It comes with a maintenance kit and a waterproof saddle cover. It's comfortable, flexible, light and it even looks good too. Last 30 Days; Last 60 Days ; Last 90 Days; Prices Prices. Best Use Road Cycling The B17 Brooks touring saddle is the first choice of bicycle touring saddle for many long distance cyclists. It will outlast your riding career and gives you a lifetime comfort. I know. Saddle Cover Material Leather